What to Look for in Commercial or Public Use Foosball Tables


There’s a lot of fun to be had playing foosball, especially when it’s happening in a place like a bar, restaurant, or a community center. If you’re looking to buy a foosball table for public use, instead of just for you and your family to use at home, check out these guidelines to help you make the best choice.


Anyone who is buying a foosball table for public use is definitely going to want it to be as durable as possible. You’re probably going to see the table get used pretty frequently, and most likely by people that aren’t going to go easy on it. Durable foosball tables made of solid wood or strong fiberboard are going to last longer than plastic models. You should also look for a table that has some kind of cross-bracing on the legs, which helps keep the legs from coming loose over time.


Sometimes you can get hurt playing foosball, usually from getting too close to the rods or players while they’re in motion. Dealing with this at home with your family is one thing, but it’s a horse of another color when it’s your customers that are getting hurt. To keep things as safe as possible, you should look for tables that have safety guards on the rods to keep people from getting pinched or hit if they get close. It should also have a ball recovery system that doesn’t require you to reach into the goal whatsoever.


A stable foosball table is going to be good for you for two reasons. First, it’s going to help keep the table in working condition for longer because it’s made to withstand the wear of overly-active games. Second, it will help keep people from disputing matches due to sloping or wobbling tables. Find a foosball table that has adjustable stabilizers on the legs so that you can always make the table level. These are little adjustable pads at the bottom of each leg that you can move independently of each other to accommodate dips or bumps in the floor.


Finally, the table should be easy for everyone to use so that no player has to struggle with it. If the manufacturer advertises features that help the rods move more smoothly, or counterbalanced players for more accurate shots, it could translate into a better experience for your customers and fewer complaints about the table. Nothing would be worse than spending the money to get a foosball table only to find out that no one wants to use it because it’s not easy to use. The easier it is for people to play and have fun, the fewer complaints you’ll have and the better everyone will feel about you and the whole situation.

One Last Thing

Whatever type of foosball table you end up getting, make sure you buy a lot of extra balls. Without question, you are going to lose the balls that come with the table, and you don’t want to leave players unable to play. Depending on how you’re planning on using the table, you could charge people for balls or simply limit them to a single one at a time to help keep losses to a minimum.