How to Buy a Good Foosball Table on a Budget


Foosball tables can get pretty expensive, especially when you start getting into the serious models made to withstand years of play or that offer a slew of extra little features and flourishes. For those of you that want to enjoy the unbeatable fun that comes from an action-packed game of table soccer, this is the guide for you. I cover four simple tips to help you keep your costs low, so you can still get a quality foosball table and stay within your budget.

Look for Smaller Sizes

This is the one of the quickest ways to cut the price of foosball tables down right off the bat. Bigger tables are almost always going to cost you more because they literally require more materials. Also, larger tables tend to use different, more complex construction methods to keep them stable despite the bigger size. Look for tables with a field length of around 40 inches so that it’s still comfortable for adults to use.

There are some models out there with longer field lengths that are still within the lower price range, but these tend to make concessions in other areas. If you want to find an affordable foosball table that’s still got a high level of quality, you’ll need to take a look at all of its features so you can understand everything that it offers. Also, some smaller tables can actually end up being more expensive because of these additional features, so make sure you check it out completely before you drop any money.

Choose Composites over Solid Wood

Another standard way to find a more affordable foosball table is to cross solid wood tables off the list. Making anything out of solid wood is going to mean a bigger price tag, especially if you start looking at some of the higher-end woods with lacquered finishes. Instead, look for tables made out of medium-density fiberboard (also known as MDF), which are much less expensive but still pretty reliable. MDF products can vary a lot in durability, but are overall pretty reliable.

While MDF boards are generally pretty strong and reliable, they aren’t going to be able to support weight like solid wood or tables with a metal frame. My recommendation here is just to keep in mind that the table isn’t indestructible while you use it. If you’ve got kids, remind them not to go too hard on the table and you’re going to be fine. It’s more about being a little more mindful about things to make it last longer than having to treat it like the table is made of glass or anything like that.

Don’t Prioritize Extra Features

You can also keep the price of the table lower by skipping models that have a lot of unnecessary extra features. It’s just like buying a car – when you see something that you like, ask yourself if it’s a “need to have” or a “nice to have” feature. Something like a built-in cup holder is definitely a nifty addition, and could be pretty useful if you like to keep a drink handy during games, but it probably it’s going to be a make-or-break aspect.

To keep it within budget you can also focus on tables that don’t have little adornments. Avoid tables that have metal fixtures or that advertise anything electronic. Trust me, you don’t need electricity to enjoy a good game of foosball. Manual scorekeeping with a slider or abacus tracker is more than enough, so don’t get fooled by any of these bells and whistles. Still, if you like the bells and whistles and feel like it’s going to make the game more enjoyable, then that’s up to you. It’s all about making your own list of priorities and finding a balance between everything.

Think About Tabletop Models

When it all comes down to it, the cheapest foosball tables out there are probably going to be the tabletop models. Since they don’t have full-size legs, they can be much cheaper than the standard foosball tables out there. You can definitely find a quality tabletop foosball table that’s big enough for adults to play without having to hunch or crouch, so don’t think you have to settle for a toy model just to work with your budget. There are also some distinct benefits of tabletop foosball tables, so it’s definitely something to think about while you’re looking.

Final Tip

One last tip to help you find the best budget foosball table is to dial it all back and take a look at your budget itself. Think about how much you plan on using the table, and make sure that you’re giving yourself the right budget. Sometimes we can set the price too low on something that you plan to use a lot, or too high one something that we’re not really going to use often. Keeping a realistic budget helps make sure you look at tables in the right range, and keeps you from sacrificing features that might actually be worth the cost.