About Us – Foosball Fanatic

Well, hello there! Welcome to Foosball Fanatic. Let me tell you a bit about myself.

My name is Abe, a retired carpenter and proud grandfather. When I was younger I loved playing foosball. I never actually cared for soccer, but foosball was just so much fun. I would play with my kids when they were young, and now that they have kids of their own I decided that I wanted to play with my grandchildren, too.

I wanted to make sure I got the best foosball table possible, so that it would be fun and safe for everyone. It turns out there’s actually a lot you need to know to find the right foosball table! It was also a lot harder to find answers to my questions than I thought.

That’s why I made this website. I took everything I learned reading about foosball table construction, safety, and sizing and put it together here, so that there could actually be one place to find all the answers about foosball tables.

There are reviews of the best tables I came across and some other sections that offer tips and advice for people in different situations. I really hope that you find all of this helpful and that you are able to find the best foosball table.

Here’s to all of us enjoying the fun of foosball!